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Random Event Generators Predict the Future

The run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest. Virtually flipping hundreds of coins each second, they are operated and maintained by one or the United States most prominent educational institutions – Princeton University. And scientists have discovered that they predict the future.

Random Event Generators or REGs, attempt to prove “global consciousness” by demonstrating spikes in random generated events that occur shortly before and after a major global event. The Global Consciousness Project (GCP), originating from Princeton, have named these random event generators Electrogaiagrams (EGGs) and are using them to test whether a human consciousness extends a field around the earth which can change the results of these electronic random events. They claim that when an important event occurs, such as the 9/11 terrorist attack or the Indian Ocean tsunami, the random event generators start to display patterns that should not exist in truly random sequences.

About the project

Computers around the world generate two numbers – 1’s and 0’s – and record the results for later analysis. Results are graphed and typically result in a nearly perfectly flat line. The strangeness begins when we examine results of the REGs shortly before or after major world events. For some unexplained reason, the results, when graphed, “spike” before and after major world events. The machines for example, sensed the September 11 attack on the U.S. World Trade Centers about 4 hours before the attacks actually occurred. Another major spike occurred 24 hours before the Indian Ocean tsunami. Scientists agree that these spikes are for real.

The Beginnings of random event generators

During the late 1970s, Professor Robert Jahn of Princeton University (where Einstein spend much of his early career) decided to investigate whether the power of human thought alone could interfere or influence in some way with a machine’s usual electronic readings. He brought strangers off the street and asked them to concentrate their minds on his number generator. In effect, he was asking them to try to make it flip more heads than tails.

It was a preposterous idea at the time. The results, however, were stunning and have never been satisfactorily explained. Again and again, entirely ordinary people proved that their minds could influence the machine and produce significant fluctuations on the graph, forcing it to produce statistically impossible permutations. According to all of the known laws of science, this should not have happened – but it did. And it kept on happening.

The birh of the Global Consciousness Project

Dr. Nelson, also working at Princeton University, then extended Prof Jahn’s work by taking random number machines to groups of people and comparing the cumulative results. Again, the results were stunning. Dr. Nelson was captivated. Soon thereafter, Dr. Nelson linked up 40 random even generators from all over the world to his main laboratory at Princeton.

The computers generated random numbers day in and day out, feeding results over the Internet to Dr. Nelsons main computer. More or less, the results were graphed as a flat line. Then on September 6, 1997, the results produced a tremendous spike showing a massive shift in the number sequences as machines around the world began reporting significant deviations from the expected norm. That day had another historical significance too – it was that day that over 1 billion people all over the planet were glued to their television sets watching the funeral procession for Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales.

A year later, scientists from all over the world gathered in an attempt to determine an explanation for the anomaly. As with Dr. Nelson, they were at a loss to explain the strange occurrence but they did make an important decision – something was up and needed to be examined carefully. The Global Consciousness Project, based at Princeton University, was born.

Proven results

For during the course of the experiment, the Eggs (i.e. Electrogaiagrams) have ‘sensed’ a whole series of major world events as they were happening, from the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia to the Kursk submarine tragedy to America’s hung election of 2000 and the subsequent Florida voting machine debacle. The Eggs also regularly detect huge global celebrations, such as New Year’s Eve. But the project gave us its greatest enigma on September 11, 2001.

As the world stood still and watched the horror of the terrorist attacks unfold across New York, something strange was happening to the Eggs. Not only had they registered the attacks as they actually happened, but the characteristic shift in the pattern of numbers had begun four hours before the two planes even hit the Twin Towers. They had, it appeared, detected that an event of historic importance was about to take place before the terrorists had even boarded their fateful flights. The implications, not least for the West’s security services who constantly monitor electronic chatter, are clearly enormous. “I knew then that we had a great deal of work ahead of us,” says Dr Nelson.

Currently, 75 respected scientists from 41 different nations are studying the results of the Global Consciousness Project. “Very often paranormal phenomena evaporate if you study them for long enough,” says physicist Dick Bierman of the University of Amsterdam. “But this is not happening with the Global Consciousness Project. The effect is real. The only dispute is about what it means.”

What does it mean?

Nothing in modern physics excludes the possibility of time travel or movement through time. One explanation for the anomaly demonstrated by the random event generators, takes this into account. It may be that the events being predicted by the REGs is merely a result of us remembering events that have taken place in the future. Scientists admit that it might help provide a solid scientific grounding for such strange phenomena as “déjà vu”

“For what his experiments appear to demonstrate is that while we may all operate as individuals, we also appear to share something far, far greater – a global consciousness. Some might call it the mind of God. We’re driven by society to separate ourselves from each other. That’s not right. We may be connected together far more intimately than we realize.”

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