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Chemtrails and the mysterious orbs often seen flying around them

Orb in sky near a chemtrail

Many believe that some contrails, those willowy wisps of white vapor released from a jet airplane’s engines, are really “chemtrails” – chemically tainted vapor being purposely released for some unknown but potentially ominous reason. Even stranger than the chemtrails themselves, many witnesses have reported mysterious white or silver orbs moving around and through the chemtrails. In the video below, the mystery deepens as we witness a chemtrail orb ejecting something at high speed ahead of itself. Is it a weapon system? A probe? A geoengineering weather system? A fake?

Contrails of chemtrails – what is the difference?

Orbs in sky near a chemtrail

Normal contrails (condensation trails) are formed when the hot humid exhaust from an airplane jet engine disperses into the colder surrounding atmosphere. The result is white condensation as water vapor from the engine condenses into water droplets (unfortunately, in addition to water vapor, contrails also contain harmful carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfate particles, and soot). Chemtrails on the other hand, are believed by some to be a purposeful release of some sort of artificial gaseous vapor.

Chemtrails are a global phenomenon that have frequently been seen, photographed, and filmed by many witnesses both on the ground and in the air. Chemtrails differ from normal contrails in that they are thicker and remain visible for much longer than typical contrails (sometimes remaining visible for several hours). In addition, they are often seen in crosshatch patterns that eventually disperse to form long lasting cirrus cloud sheets. Their substance of course, is believed to be chemical in nature.

Mysterious white orbs seen flying through chemtrails

Often times witnesses report seeing brilliant white orbs flying through and around chemtrails. The evidence is stunning with many photographs and videos capturing the unique phenomena. Ice is often proposed as the culprit but the orbs that are seen in association with chemtrails are reported to move erratically at high speeds, changing direction frequently. They are often seen moving through the chemtrail, amongst the vapor trails, and not *from* the vapor trail as would be expected. Theories regarding the mysterious chemtrail-related orbs are as numerous as the theories for the chemtrails themselves.

What is the secret purpose for chemtrails?

Pulse detonation engine (PDE)

Orb near a chemtrail

Some believe that chemtrails are nothing more than a unique exhaust pattern from a pulse detonation engine (PDE). A pulse detonation engine, or “PDE”, is a type of propulsion system that uses detonation waves to combust the fuel and oxidizer mixture. They were long rumored to exist before it was revealed in 2008 that the DARPA Blackswift project successfully tested a PDE engine (the test was successful). Theoretically, a PDE can operate from subsonic up to hypersonic flight speed reaching speeds of Mach 5 or greater with ease. Supposedly no PDE engines have been pushed into production but given their unique flight mechanics and capabilities, it’s likely they would remain top-secret for many years after use in actual production aircraft systems.

Biological agents

Others suggest more sinister reasons behind the mysterious chemtrails. Some believe the chemtrail sprays are biological agents intended to control human population, possibly with unique chemicals that are intended to weed out the sick or elderly. In 2007, a Louisiana television station aired a surprising report that reportedly validated this belief. The station noticed an unusual series of chemtrails that formed an intricate hatched pattern in the skies above Louisiana. The station quickly tested the air underneath the crosshatch chemtrails and found unsafe levels of barium – three times the US nationally recommended limit. Detractors quickly came forward questioning the math, but many stood by the findings insisting something sinister was afoot. The story grew to national proportions for a brief time before being “discredited”.

Geoengineering (weather modification)

It has also been suggested that chemtrails are used to modify weather, possibly to increase the rate of plant growth in order to stimulate farm yields around the country (we would presume Monsanto’s GMO seeds are immune). This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. As far back as 1950, the British were able to successfully “seed” clouds with salt, dry ice, and silver iodide to produce rain. Weather modification is a reality and given new technologies and current global weather problems, is almost certainly being studied extensively by governments around the world. In fact, many propose the chemtrails are a government program intended to slow down or reverse global warming by limiting the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth. The process is known as stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) or solar radiation management (SRM) and is studied extensively by amateur geoengineers.


 HAARP antenna array

And finally, some have connected chemtrails to HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which purportedly studies the atmosphere to advance communication and navigation systems.  Skeptics believe HAARP is some sort of hypersonic weapon system or possibly another means to control global weather.

Regardless of what their purpose is, there is little doubt that chemtrails exist as many have seen, photographed, and filmed the unusual vapor trails. In May 2014, a man captured a video of a jet plane landing that had apparently forgotten to turn of the chemtrail mechanism leaving thick swirling columns of vapor trailing behind the plane as it touched down. Detractors quickly explained the unusual air pattern as air disruption from the wings of the aircraft (e.g., an aerodynamic contrail). Geoengineering specialists however, stood by their assessment.

Chemtrail orb firing missile projectile

This brings us to the unusual video below. As mentioned, white (or silver) orbs are often seen in association with chemtrails and indeed, the behavior of chemtrail-orbs is quite unusual. But the video below, shot by crrow777, a YouTuber who photographs and films chemtrails using high-powered zoom lenses in order to study their behavior, shows a chemtrail orb doing something no one has seen before.

In this video, you will see several white orbs in and around the chemtrail. Most correspond to commonly reported chemtrail-orb behavior, skittering around the chemtrail, travelling at high speed in a random, unpredictable manner. One orb flies erratically around the bottom-left of the chemtrail while a few can be seen flying inside the chemtrail itself. But one orb bears particular attention.

Crrow777 noticed the unusual orb in question just this week (he’s had the video for several months). One orb appears to change direction quickly, flying into the chemtrail, and then fires some sort of projectile into a particularly dense section of the chemtrail.

Explanations for what this object is or what the purpose of an orb firing a missile vary. Some have proposed the object is nothing more than a camera artifact while others believe it is a supersonic bird. It could potentially be remnants of a PDE engine fuel source (solid fuel maybe?) or yes, clear evidence of a government geoengineering project launching probes to analyze the chemtrail. I must admit, other than possibly a camera artifact, I am at a loss to explain what we see in this video.

The video below begins with an overview of the chemtrail. You can see various white orbs skittering around the chemtrail (note that some of the black streaks are nearby birds flying in front of the camera). Unfortunately, the original video contains some camera jostle and a quick zoom which are disorienting. I’ve removed those segments from the film (and added a note where I removed it).

Pay particular attention to the orbs flying above the chemtrail as the one in question enters the chemtrail from above-right before levelling off. The cameraman then zooms on the orb and shortly after the zoom, it shoots some sort of object ahead of itself as it flies downward and to the right. The acceleration and direction of the object it “shoots” rules out fragmentation of breaking up of the orb. It is indeed a fascinating video.

Below is a photo collection depicting chemtrails and chemtrail orbs.

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