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Hundreds of sheep in China have been walking in a circle for more than 2 weeks and nobody knows why.

chinas circling sheep 925

Those crazy Mongolian sheep are at it again, like some sort of protestor march, the flock has been stomping continuously in a circle for days and days on end. They’ve been on the move since November 4, 2022.

chinas circling sheep 927

Ranchers say dozens and dozens of sheep are involved in the protest (they can’t’ get an exact number because every time they start counting them, they fall asleep). The phenomenon has been captured on surveillance video and distributed to online social media accounts around the world. Not all sheep are marching, however. Video shows some sheep standing outside the circle, watching, and scratching their chins.

The sheep owner, identified as Ms. Miao, claimed the spectacle began with a few sheep before the whole flock joined in. According to the Chinese state-run People’s Daily, the sheep are perfectly healthy, even healthier than the residents of Wuhan back in 2020. Although there are thirty-four sheep pens at the farm, only the sheep in one of the pens — lucky number 13 — have been acting this way.

Although veterinary professionals have not commented on this particular flock of sheep, a bacterial infection known as Listeriosis, or Circling Disease, could be the culprit. Circling Disease can infect a wide range of animals, causing them to “propel themselves into corners, lean against stationary objects, or circle toward the affected side

Ah well. At least they’re not walking in a triangle which would be even weirder.

Below is a video of the rebellious flock.

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