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Houston, Texas families flee haunted homes as paranormal investors seek evidence of ghostly spirits.

Ghostly glowing blob filmed in the home

Ghost orbs filmed in the home's backyardHouston, Texas resident Angela Rhodes has fled her home and refuses to enter the haunted abode, even during daylight hours. The home, located in the northeast section of Houston, was inherited from her parents after their death (they both died in the home). Inside the home, Rhodes has claimed to hear ghostly children running in the hallway (no kids lived in or around the house at the time), seen eerie glowing flames burning in the bathroom (flames that did not burn anything but you could see and smell), and consistently feels an evil “force” compelling her to look out of a window in the den (thus far, she refuses to comply). After being unable to endure the ghostly spirits, Rhodes left the home and allowed family friends to move in.

Her friends, the current residents of the home, immediately noticed odd occurrences in and around the house. They claim to have experienced a window screen detaching from the window and hurtling towards one of the family members (as a result, she suffered minor injuries to her arm). They also claim to have heard mysterious voices and seen a glass levitate, floating from a microwave oven to a kitchen sink located across the room.  One of the terrified residents told local KHOU news:

“Clearly, if a cup is flying off the middle of a microwave, there’s something saying ‘leave’.”

Strange ghostly blue mist filmed in vacant lot next to the haunted homeAs with Angela Rhodes, the spirit activity became too much for the family to endure and they too fled the home, leaving it vacant and back in Amanda Rhodes’ weary hands.  In response, Rhodes called in ordained priests to bless the home.  After two rounds of “blessings”, the spirits still remained inside the house.

In desperation and anxious for answers, Rhodes called in paranormal investigators from The Other Side Paranormal Investigators and Pasadena Ghost Research Society. For over three hours, investigators from the two organizations conducted paranormal studies inside the home. During their stay, the investigators captured ghostly sounds on audio including a woman’s voice clearly responding to question, a deep-sounding man’s voice, and the sounds of doors opening and closing by themselves (no one else was inside the home during their investigation). The investigators also captured, on several frames of film, glowing orbs in the backyard, a strange, glowing mist on the vacant lot next to the home, and the image of an apparition moving down a hallway.

One of the families has agreed to move back into their home and have noted that they are still experiencing a ghostly prescience in the home.

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