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Why have mangled body parts turn up in two separate L.A. water treatment plants?

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Los Angeles authorities said yesterday that body parts have turned up in two separate water treatment plants in L.A. It is believed that the body parts are from the same woman. A woman’s head and upper body were found at a San Gabriel Valley sewage plant (in the 1900 block of Workman Mill Road, east of Los Angeles) while a foot, legs, and pelvis were found 30 miles away at a wastewater plant in the 24500 block of South Figueroa Street in Carson two days earlier. At both locations, the body parts were found in bins that hold debris separated from sewage wastewater.

According to USA Today:

“County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Rosson said investigators believe the woman’s body may have slipped into the county’s sewage system, perhaps through a manhole, and been mangled by pumps that send wastewater to processing plants. The plants are connected by miles of sewer pipes.”

Sheriff Rosson said:

“Anything that comes into this water plant must move through a 17-inch line before going through a centrifugal pump. So you can imagine what kind of damage to a person’s body would happen.”

Authorities confirmed that water from both locations eventually ends up in the water supply, but the body parts were found in an early stage of the treatment process.

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