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New Bigfoot photos from Virginia – witness says he is now a “believer”.

Bigfoot photo taken near intercoastal waterway in Norfolk, Virginia

Bigfoot photo taken near intercoastal waterway in Norfolk, VirginiaInteresting (and clear) pictures of a purported Bigfoot shot near Norfolk, Virginia emerged over the weekend. The poster of the pictures, Randy O’Neal, explained that they were taken by his father on June 28, 2014, using a Verizon Wireless flip phone. O’Neal says the photos were taken while his father and a friend (“Uncle Jap”) were fishing at a creek off the intercoastal waterway.

O’Neal added that the photos were shot near a location where 25 years earlier, he had experienced an odd encounter with an unknown creature.

“About 25 years ago, my dad, a friend of ours, and myself had a late night run in with an unknown creature. It was around 9 PM and we had been camping, fishing, shooting beer cans, etc. We had settled down for the night on a remote creekside in Virginia, about five miles from civilization, off the intercoastal waterway. As the campfire flickered, I (about 15 years old at the time) kept seeing a set of red eyes watching us from the bushes behind us. This went on for what seemed like hours but really was probably only about 20 minutes. Eventually, my dad got tired of listening to me be a “chicken s*&t” and handed me the shotgun (we kept one handy for snakes). He said, “Shoot the damn thing.”

At that point in time, I didn’t see it clearly. I said, “I only see it when the campfire flickers a certain way.” “Then just shoot where you think it is”, said my Dad. So I did. When I shot, whatever I shot let out the most blood curdling scream you could ever imagine. We heard it tear off through the woods and hit the water. When this thing hit the water, it sounded like a Volkswagen had been dropped into the water. Needless to say, that got Daddy’s attention.

For a long time that night, we felt like we were walking on eggshells, scared to blink. We never heard anything else. The following morning, we went to where we heard the creature, and we were shocked. The path that the creature cleared through the woods as it headed for the water was cleared as if a huge steer had gone through the woods. Not a sapling one was left standing.

For 25 years this has been a story that we could only share with the kids and grandkids and honestly, we have always wondered.”

O’Neal went on to note how the experiences have changed his outlook.

“Make what you want of it, but this is real. My memories and experiences have made me a believer.”

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