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Witnesses say face of Jesus appeared in smoke above burning home after neighbor saves neighbor in heroic deed.

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Face of Jesus appears in smoke above burning home in Fresno, CaliforniaA familiar spiritual image appeared in the smoke above a burning Fresno home this week while at the exact moment, a panicked bystander screamed, “There’s still someone in the building!” Smartphone video shot of the fire shows a clear image, formed in the bellowing wisps of dark smoke, of what witnesses at the scene are calling the “face of Jesus”. Shortly after the divine face appeared in the tower of smoke, a neighbor headed warnings shouted from the crowd and entered the burning building to save his friend.

In a chilling poetic statement to reporters, Monsignor Raymond Dreiling, Catholic Diocese of Fresno, said,

“The true face of God, the true image of God, was the man carrying his neighbor out of the fire on his shoulders.”

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