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Fox viewers spot UFO streaking across TV screen during St. Louis newscast.

UFO caught on St. Louis Fox 2 newscast

Fox 2 viewers in St. Louis, Missouri saw something strange during their nightly weather report this week. A Labor Day lightning storm put on a spectacular show during the newscast and Fox 2 made frequent live cut-aways to give viewers updates on the severe weather event. Then, at 9:07 PM, something odd flashed across the screen. The flying object is illuminated by flashes of lightning and in the blink of an eye – it’s gone.

Fox 2 producer Kevin Pope thinks it’s a bird flying at 600 MPH but UFO investigators enhanced and analyzed the video and found that the flying object has a clearly-defined rectangular shape – the same shape as a 1/2 mile long rectangular-shape UFO that was spotted two weeks ago in Illinois about 1 1/2 hour away.

Check out frames from the video below.

UFO on Fox 2 news during lightning storm
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