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Massive flash of light over Russia turns night into day – no explanation from authorities

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Multiple sightings of an extraordinary yellow flash of light in the skies above Sverdlovsk, Russia on the night of November 14, 2014, have residents of the area scratching their heads. Scientists and local authorities are still unsure what caused the huge flash of light which “turned night into day”. Theories include military exercises (there are no military bases in the area), an explosion at a factory (nobody reported a fire or catastrophic event), meteor (Russian astronomers discount meteor because of the color) or exploding UFO.

The flash of light occurred at around 6:39 PM on November 14 and lasted for about 11 seconds while engulfing a good part of the night sky. The light appears to have originated in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. Though the event was witnessed by many onlookers, there’s still no explanation for what appears to be a rather massive blast.

The Russian military press told reporters that no military training exercises were underway that day. In fact, they noted that no military units are even based in the area.

Regional emergency services reported no accidents or fires in the area either. Witnesses pointed out that no sound of explosion was heard during the flash of light.

Astronomers say the color of the flash makes it unlikely it was a meteor. In addition, meteorologists say that per their radar systems, nothing fell from the sky on the day of the flash.

It is worthy to note that secret military missile testing would probably not be admitted by Russian military but still, no wreckage or reports of a recovery mission have surfaced thus far and the Russian Federal Space Agency’s latest launch was October 29 with no launches planned until November 24.

Regardless of the cause, low cloud cover certainly played a role in the spectacular display of light.  Check out the video montage below (including post processing zooms of the lighted area).

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