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New photos of Loch Ness Monster captured by Nessie “skeptic” on west shore of loch.

Richard Collis captures photos and video of Loch Ness Monster - November 6, 2014

58-year-old Richard Collis was driving along the west shore of Loch Ness on November 6, 2014, around 11:00 AM when he noticed something unusual in the water. He pulled over and shot some video and took some photos with his mobile phone.  What he captured was the classic Nessie head and neck shape extending from a large area of disturbed water.

“I was travelling along the side of loch Ness, saw something out the corner of my eye, pulled over and went down to the Loch and took some photographs. As I was watching, I was thinking what the hell is that! The loch was quite rough, and I wanted to get as best a picture that I could possibly get because I knew it wasn’t going to last forever.”

The photos show what appears to be a long neck and head rising above the water as the creature moves along a shore.  The water is choppy, but the area around the creature seems to be disturbed by the creature’s movement.  Collis says he watched the creature from a pretty good vantage point for a few minutes.

“It was about roughly 150-200 meters out in the water on a stretch about a mile from Fort Augustus heading towards Invermoriston. It’s quite difficult to know how long it lasted but it felt like a couple of minutes.”

Richard Collis captures photos and video of Loch Ness Monster - November 6, 2014

He immediately phoned his wife to tell her what he had just seen.

“She thought I was having a joke and I said ‘No no, I’ve got mobile phone footage of it’ then when she saw it she said ‘that’s strange’.

A skeptic at heart, Collis may now be a believer.

“To me it looks like a long neck and a small head. Like a serpent – the old highland name of it was sea serpent or water horse. I just think it’s an anomaly that I can’t really explain. I’m a bit of a doubter of a lot of things until I see it myself and I wouldn’t have believed what I saw if someone else was telling me. I’ve fished the loch as a man and boy and I haven’t ever seen anything like that.

As I say I don’t really believe in anything like that until I see it but what I saw was obviously what the Loch Ness Monster is – I’m not saying it was a fire breathing dragon and I never saw teeth or anything like that, but I must have thought there was something there if I stopped to take pictures. I’ve seen what potentially could be the Loch Ness Monster. I’m excited about seeing it and I’d like to see it again.”

Richard’s wife 60-year-old Vibeke, added:

“I’ve been here 37 years and my husband has been here his whole life, so we are completely aware of how unique this is. I couldn’t believe it and laughed when he showed me because I knew he could never set that up. He’s not very technical or not very computer wise either. I couldn’t believe it because when you live here everyone wants a shot, even if it’s a log, but the thing is it does not look like a log. It’s definitely not a seal because it’s got a really long neck and it’s too round and smooth to be a log and why would it bob the way it does and then just go away. I can’t believe that my husband managed to get this. It is amazing.”

Richard Collis captures photos and video of Loch Ness Monster - November 6, 2014
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