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Dozens of razor blades found attached to playground equipment in an Illinois park. One toddler was injured.

Razor blades found attached to playground equipment in East Moline, Illinois

Monsters of a different kind emerged in Illinois yesterday.  Police say a two-year-old child was injured with cuts to his hand after a visit to Millennium Park in East Moline, Illinois.  Authorities report they found at least a dozen razor blades glued to playground equipment in up-turned positions along handrails, swing handles, and monkey bar grips.

After the toddler’s father discovered his injuries, he took the child home where he was treated for cuts on his hand.  The father then went with the police to the park, located at the intersection of Archer Drive and 34th Avenue, where they found and removed about a dozen razor blades from the playground equipment.  The blades were attached to various surfaces on the equipment using an unidentified white, putty-like substance.

Lieutenant Brian Foltz told reporters:

“I’ve seen a lot of things, but not razor blades glued to equipment at a park.”

Police searched other parks in the area but found no evidence of any materials that could harm children visiting the parks.  Police have no suspects and are asking for the public’s assistance in locating the perpetrator(s).

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