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EVP recorded in 100-year-old hotel in upstate New York might leave you speechless.

EVP soundwave

Is this the most horrific EVP ever recorded?

I find most EVP recordings mundane but this one, which has come to be known as The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded, will definitely send chills shimmering down your spine. What follows is an EVP recorded by the Central New York Ghost Hunters (CNYGH) in January 2007 during an overnight stay at a 100-year-old hotel in upstate New York. CNYGH explained that the hotel structure was built in the late 1800’s and has long been reputed to be an extremely active haunted location. Per the owner’s request, the name of the hotel has never been released to the public.

Members of Central New York Ghost Hunters set up their equipment at the hotel on a Friday evening. During their one-night stay, they reported hearing footsteps and voices in various rooms throughout the hotel. Noticing particularly strong activity around the hotel’s staircase, they set up their equipment and recorded the terrifying EVP below.

The EVP has gained legendary status due to its complexity and length (10 minutes).  In the EVP recording you will hear three female CNYGH members talking in the background over the rhythm of a ticking clock – this part is explainable. But what takes place in between will leave you speechless – loud microphone rumbling (CNYGH notes the recorder was stationary during the entire recording) followed by a brief moment of silence, escalating screeches, and then what sounds like all hell breaking loose. Listen carefully and you will also hear a male voice, a woman’s voice saying, “Get off me”, bone-tingling screaming during what sounds like a violent attack, a male voice saying “Help me” several times, and much more (see full transcript below).

All members of the group agree that their stay at the hotel was the most active haunting they had ever experienced.

EVP Transcription

Below is a proposed translation supplied by a EVP researcher. This is their interpretation of what they hear in the recording. (M) indicates a male voice.  (F) indicates a female voice.

0:20 Get out (M)
0:23 Russell (M)
0:29 I have lost you (M)
0:31 Russell (M)
0:32 A hungry kid (M)
0:34 Where’s dinner? (M)
0:35 Hungry (M)
0:36 I can’t think of nothing but water (M)
0:38 glass of wine would settle me (older m)
0:41 Would you have wine, Chrissy? (F)
0:43 You can have it. (CHILD, F?)
0:52 you f*&ker (M)
0:54 I’m sorry (F)
0:56 I’m sound asleep (F)
0:58 That true (M)
0:59 Get off of me (F)
1:00 This swallowed up my money, the old bitch. (M)
1:04 That’s ok (F)
1:05 Thanks for getting mine. (F)
1:07 Don’t stand by and rape me (F)
1:10 How can this hurt me (F)
1:12 Don’t touch me (F)
1:14 Don’t you trust me that you never came back you hound (F)
1:15 that, that were here (M)
1:17 Don’tcha Maya (M)
1:18 What? (M) 1:18 Trust me (F)
1:19 You musn’t cry over it.(M) 1:19 You don’t know me (F)
1:21 Feels good Trent -(F) 1:21 lonely -female
1:22 Hasn’t been to draw papers (M) 1:22 It’s not for me (F)
1:23 hey -(F)
1:24 That’s Biltmore (F)
1:25 for the mortgage(M) 1:25 You’re going to suffer aren’t you?(M)
1:26 Place is awful big (F) 1:26 This is awful being tethered here (a different male voice)
1:27 After news(F)
1:29 Doesn’t mean we know what we got(F) 1:29 Ahhh (M)
1:30 Who wants to kill em?(M)
1:31 We got milk here (F)
1:32 You are going wake up down easy (M)
1:33 That milk is nasty (F)
1:34 I’ll miss you (M)
1:35 mean (F)
1:36 like my shoes? -(M)
1:37 All these questions (M) 1:37 but you know me (F)
1:38 Harry’s up (M) 1:38 Tom is safe here (F)
1:40 You got the balls then do it (M)
1:42 You can be Harry (M)
1:44 Soon, pretty soon (M)
1:45 Deborah! -female
1:46 must be soldiers (M)
1:48 get off me -(M)
1:49 Stop so I can get you out of the bedroom sonny (M)
1:53 What the hell?(M)
1:54 Ok, lets start off with your head (different male)
1:58 OH MY GOD!!! AHHHHHH!!! (M)
2:00 What is it you want motherf*&ker? (M)
2:01 You better get him -(F)
2:03 don’t let him have a go at you (F)
2:04 help me get up (M)
2:06 whatever (F)
2:07 That’s wrong (m/f?)
2:08 That’s a fighter (F) /here goes some reason (M)
2:12 Not the chair (F) 2:12 He’s ours (F)
2:13 Where is Jim Bowie? (F)
2:14 We got ’em (F)
2:15 Yes! (F)
2:16 Let’s get out of here (F)
2:17 Don’t you run anymore (F)
2:19 Faster (F)
2:20 Moving? (M)
2:21 Lord, he isn’t (F)
2:22 uppin’ (F)
2:23 Happy decent home
2:25 Russell had his whores (M) 2:25 Don’t he look fine?(M)
2:27 Get out he’s alone (F)
2:28 Wanna see what sandwich city (M)
2:31 Ohio, her room’s there (F)
2:33 I know he ain’t fatherish (F)
2:34 No, come to daddy (M)
2:36 Please help me out (M)
2:37 f*&k you (M)
2:38 What’s the pain Stuzz?(M)
2:40 Let me out (M)
2:42 That’s boool-shit (M)
2:44 got anymore? (M)
2:46 Let’s slide (F)
2:47 Oh My GOD (F)
2:48 Walk around these stupid people (M)
2:49 Have you one end? (m, LOUD)
2:51 You made mistakes alright I’d have to shoot myself (M)
2:53 From ripped to rich (M)
2:56 Ka-Ree, you got the door? (M)
2:58 I want some little whores (M)
3:01 hushhhhh (M)
3:02 You stop whorin’ (M)
3:03 That’s for kids (M)
3:04 Here’s Salome (M)
3:05 Who get us next? (F)
3:06 You outta think about that sin (M)
3:09 PooPoo Pookie (M)
3:10 He’ll gotta do six (M)
3:12 You like me? (M)
3:13 He’s fine (F)
3:14 Don’t ever want to tell no lies around Big Fork, no (M)
3:16 Hey Larry (F) 3:16 boo (M)
3:17 Wear that hat (M)
3:19 no (M)
3:20 Find that see how easy these people are around a sick girl (M)
3:23 you ready to ride (M)
3:25 then jump up quick (M)
3:26 Quit it (F)
3:34 walking with Chris (M)
3:35 better to not on Thursday (F)
3:37 I see dude look around the ground like he already shot someone there talking about it (F)
3:41 Cuckoo clock sound
3:43 No one’s there (F)
3:45 to save me (F) 3:45 running nextdoor (F)
3:47 run back out there ? (m/f)house (M)
3:51 I guess he’s gonna be here?(F)
3:52 awesome can that be (M)
3:53 chained to meeee (F?)
3:54 tellin me these school students(M) 3:54 yes all the time (M)
3:57 all chained up (F)
3:58 she can ride with me 3:58 no baby not me(F)
4:00 and stop by Guido’s see her new house (M)
4:00 take the chains off me (F)
4:02 they cut me(F)
4:03 see whose got f*&kin’ time (M)
4:05 I don’t need this shit in my life (M) 4:05 I don’t need no knife (f/child?)
4:07 to cut back the chains (m &f say it at same time)
4:09 I’m telling you to please hurry (F)
4:10 all them f*&kers wanna give me some (M) 4:10 Tarzan’s gonna (M)
4:11 f*&k your Reese all up (M)
4:14 f*&k em’ they trusted the wrong guy (M) 4:14 that’s his testimony (M)
4:15 ALETA!!! (M)
4:17 ya gotta help me (M) 4:17 How’d Joe find out about my abortion with him (F)
4:21 some OBG for a friend (M)
4:24 BUZZZZ door/dryer?
4:25 what? (M)
4:27 Sam you gonna let you father off details (m/f said same time)
4:29 That’s f*&king wrong to try to force your people heaven for that much (M)
4:34 You piss me off (M)
4:35 nasty is how I see it that’s the point we shall see what (M)
4:39 Abortion is f*&ked up now with lawlessness
4:42 General’s Fountain turned to ice (F?)
4:46 F*&k that, abortion bitch was only my best friend’s ten year old (M)
4:51 Pine Ceek we know (F) I don’t think we care now Boo Boo she’s not coming back (M)
4:59 I hate him (Screamed by female)
5:00 Now it comes something’s stopping me from being first (M)
5:06 Marilyn is home for real kids (m/f same time)
5:10 trying to lose it, not on the towel (M)
5:12 Try to sex everything, why? (M)
5:13 This why I smacked you in the bathroom, nothin’ why? (M)
5:15 Yous’e nothing but 17517 run no values, ducking school, smoking cigarettes(M)
5:17 Ain’t no bathrobes (M) 5:17 up there everyday (M)
5:22 It’s the end of the week. (F)
5:23 I should stab you. F*&k you (M)
5:26 never got shit (F)
5:27 What’s that white woman doing? (F)
5:29 Then cut her (F)
5:30 Lemme see this (M)
5:31 Don’t wanna try again? (F)
5:33 Like a fool you f*&k this dick ’til I found this (M) shirt (F)
5:38 I dunno (F)
5:39 Lord help me (F)
5:40 f*&k you (M)
5:41 Now that poor person brought it on our Prince Charles with what’s her name (F)
5:46 You like that behind me said you do that’s why I speak like a slut (F)
5:51 He likes dirty stuff (F)
5:53 You want me to bring it? (F)
5:54 Yahhhhhh…I do down (M)
5:55 Miles? (F)
5:56 alright (F)
5:57 that was over (F)
5:58 you will not go? (F)
6:00 I thought was the manager (F)
6:01 well screw him (F)
6:02 my house (F)
6:03 wow we humped it this weekend (F)
6:05 give Boo Boo head (F)
6:07 you comin? (F)
6:08 better (F)
6:09 we stick you (F)
6:11 passion (F)
6:12 it’s grandma (F) 6:12 I feel better (M)
6:13 watch it, it’s Big Sally (M)
6:14 Shhhhh (F)
6:15 what can I do it’s the back hall’s people (M) 6:15 caught her in her robe but she aint tellin’ about the abortion (F)
6:17 I’m forced to get some (M)
6:18 she’s always sending me (F) 6:18 she get so mad (M)
6:19 It’s the principal, a seductress (M)
6:21 with a rape kit (F)
6:22 said to shoot me (F) 6:22 aint nothin else she gotta take the stairway (F)
6:23 get down she gotta take this down (F)
6:25 Jeannie do that help? (M)
6:27 rackets cold better be worked on (M)
6:28 Honey you should sit tight (F)
6:29 it’ll grow (M)
6:30 how it developed you don’t mind drinkin’ (M)
6:33 come kiss me (F)
6:34 leave that piece of old school smart (M)
6:37 Dolphins (F)
6:38 at release he’s gonna blow (M)
6:40 Harry will will feed me maybe we’ll beat the odds (F)
6:43 BOBBY! (M)
6:44 That rushed (F)
6:45 I’m pitched to the wall to make love and I’m be hurtin’ do that they down it hurts nothing, Nelson (F)
6:53 That’s the kind of spaghetti you use anything but any child was using me and Erich (F)
7:00 who’s home? (M) 7:00 No ones home (M)
7:01 probably they be beat is wrong (F)
7:04 They ain’t gonna trust me (F)
7:05 f*&k you (M)
7:06 I don’t know (F)
7:07 Not really much to do with you (F)
7:09 Let me ask you dis (F) 7:09 did she be trying enough (M)
7:11 Sorry your Tempo was repo’d (M)
7:13 Hurry up, help (F)
7:14 Ree smokin’ it up (M) 7:14 What’d ya go fast? (M) 7:14 Don’t you go tellin’ (M)
7:15 she just up and slashed her (F)7:15 she oughta just slash one (F)
7:17 I’m yer nigger (F)
7:18 they were a tryin’ to come in (F)7:18 they were trying to help me (F)
7:20 I won’t she don’t (F)7:20 won’t she tell her? (F)
7:22 never scare us (F)7:22 careless (F)
7:23 because they got the the third one down hard (F)
7:26 how much you wanna the little bitch had her under the wire (F)
7:27 it’s my aunt (F)
7:28 please hurry (F)
7:30 sometimes it’s in black heeled pumps (F)
7:31 They burned me (F)
7:32 you fix it (M)7:32 that’s all that hurting f*&k (F)7:32 I think (M)
7:33 I put it in the puss (M)7:33 all that honey walkin’ (F)
7:34 I’m busting (m/f)?
7:35 investigating (M)
7:36 in South Park (M)
7:38 you go see it (F) 7:38 Oh Jesus, he hurt her (F)
7:39 It’s right there (M)
7:41 hurts you (M) 7:41 Darren (M)
7:42 Nothing but cheating (F) 7:42 I see (F)
7:43 She thought she snuck home thru the bathroom (F)
7:45 in your bathroom (M)
7:46 Fire at home sir, already (F)
7:47 this island (M)
7:49 Just stick me (M)
7:50 why? (M)
7:52 Get their ass good (M)
7:53 Why are these cars here ? (F)
7:54 See seek to bug us (F)
7:56 I’ll tell you there (F) 7:56 Don’t let him stay because (F) 7:56 Erich so lazy because (F)
7:57 Everything is getting cold (F) 7:57 is a real big deal (M)
7:58 because of Trent (F) 7:58 you aint the same bitch (M)
7:59 you swore (M) 7:59 I see (F) 7:59 He said he was the one (M)
8:00 Tiffany (F) 8:00 You want Tiffany? (M) 8:00 Johnny (F)
8:02 How did he betray her? (F) 8:02 There–just leave these clothes/see if I made it happen (M)
8:03 With your son’s clothes here (F)
8:05 if I may (F) 8:05 by making it happen (F) happen (M)
8:06 It is too hard (F) 8:06 the bitch (M) is too high (F)
8:07 speak to me (M) 8:07 too hard (F)
8:08 Bleedin’ it’s a miracle (F) 8:08 Bleedin’ for sure cold bitch is down (F)
8:10 that she’s definitely (F)
8:11 Ready to kill someone over this (M) 8:11 forever (M) 8:11 free to call whenever (M) 8:11 Ka-Ree (M)
8:12 who did the dishes? (F)
8:13 Jackson (F)
8:14 which is why (F)
8:15 hell of a f*&king ten years (F)
8:17 Rosette, all I said was people’s name in the game (F) 8:17 What now? (F) 8:17 Then Ruby stabbed me in the arm (F)
8:18 Let’s stay here (F) 8:18 You can connect family with the proper name
8:20 my name (M) 8:20 He’s old school (M)
8:21 old girl (F) 8:21 He’s family (F) 8:21 Walkin’ in a clothes store (F)
8:22 oh yes (M)
8:23 for that package soup (F)
8:24 she’s divorcin’ him (M)
8:25 what else convenience him (F) 8:25 Horace and Phil
8:27 and I’ll cut it on the television (M) 8:27 They’re out to cross me (F)
8:29 Coming to get you one day (F) 8:29 then blow me (M)
8:31 Little Shauntay after school basketball game (F)
8:33 Where’s the big comb at? (F)
8:35 yeah 8:35 Stay with me (F)
8:36 missing peoples (F) 8:36 Think you can help me? (F)
8:38 at the store? (F) 8:38 Around ya G, around you , do you like it? (F)
8:41 G, can’t you rouse it man around for me? (F)
8:42 Can’t you mall it? (F)
8:44 That’s old breakfast (M)
8:47 He’s a liar (M)
8:48 That’s my husband, leave him alone (F)
8:50 We are all going to church. (F)
8:51 just like this (M) 8:51 Find your own cigarettes Loudis 8:51 young station (M)
8:52 you hear it louder (F) 8:52 listen (M)
8:53 rescue car (F)
8:54 two cars (F) 8:54 Avery, they come back (F) 8:54 Cape Cod (F)
8:55 make me run (M)
8:56 What’s that smell? That smell is his smell (F)
8:57 No one can hear me now (F) 8:57 off with the air (M)
8:58 what smell is this? (F) 8:58 This is unbelievable, f*&k you (M)
9:01 You think something (M) 9:01 anything just to jump (F)
9:02 You think someone is gonna rescue you, well that’s your problem now (M)
9:03 I need to escape here now (F) 9:03 Please be here now (F)
9:04 Not with what you been puttin’ out (M)
9:05 You always seem to debate me (M)
9:06 to get out of here (F) 9:06 apple (F)
9:08 That’s been the problem (M)
9:09 don’t make none of that (M)
9:11 You could be a witness in the bathroom. (M)
9:12 Get in the bathroom and give me some of that (M) 9:12 not scared of him no more no matter what he says (F) 9:12 That’s cool, then it’s true, did you f*&k her ? (M)
9:14 Lay on the couch (M) 9:14 Did you up on me, tie her up and release the door? (F)
9:16 rub up on me, on the truth (M)
9:18 The bathroom you’re not (F)
9:19 Tying the knot (F)
9:20 you’re strong (M)
9:21 You locked me in her room (M)
9:21 na na na na, didn’t vote from each house (F)
9:22 Alice, he was listening to that, trust her (F) 9:22 Aren’t you a big coward (M)
9:29 shut up, buster (F)
9:29 Yeah, my friend? (F)
9:30 come bounce with me (M) 9:31
9:32 Fathers can detect your sins (M)
9:33 Nothing’s in the picture there. (M)
9:34 We need Erich’s big pink shovel (F)
9:37 Not at all (F)
9:38 Mary is looking down (F) 9:38 Luce’s is after the devil (M)
9:39 My house is up a steep hill (F)
9:40 a course (M) 9:40 Keith’s house story-gutted (F) 9:40 in order to keep the house is nuts (F)
9:43 in my vengeance (F) 9:43 Lil’ Josh, he marks em’ for to land there (M)
9:45 hoping (F) 9:45 He’s terribly angry (F)
9:36 She’s gone for Charles 9:46 overturned, good luck (M)
9:48 it’s happening, happening for me (F) 9:48 They didn’t turn over, you know who will flatten me? (F)
9:50 we’re angry (F) 9:50 Big Adrian (F)
9:51 never asked me for enough, dear (F)
9:52 sticking me (F)
9:56 Sue could f*&k the Heads downstairs (F)
9:54 if anybody tell him hear that wake up (F) 9:54 downstairs is anybody in the tub? (F)
9:58 Tenisha got an abortion (F) 9:58 so standing alone (F)
9:59 she’s next to me (F)
10:01 or I’ll start hitting (F)
10:02 going on? (M) 10:02 worse than jail to me (F)
10:04 awesome (M)
10:05 keep that next to you (F)
10:06 ’til you are in prison (M) 10:06 you got any idea what your lawyer says? (M)
10:07 David’s here (F)
10:08 There are statements here (M)
10:09 They’re going to want one of them (M) 10:09 I don’t see who bedroom there (F)
10:11 there’s stuff (F)
10:13 again have to clear us thru the bottom of the cage (F)
10:16 Does he change his mind? (F) 10:16 Learn to keep your mind free (F)
10:17 Why does he kick her ? (F)
10:18 and seek her (F)
10:19 hit stuff (M)
10:20 I saw the johns (F)
10:22 out of two liver (F)
10:23 Pierson, he got his own gun, take him to the thin line (M)
10:26 take over sentencing (M)
10:27 tryin’ today (M)
10:28 they love a stun gun (M)
10:29 Are you telling people? (M) 10:29 Remember me? I used you battery (F)
10:32 In your arms I’m a good boy. (CHILD)
10:34 Do you fear her ? (CHILD)
10:36 walk up stairs (F) water is sloshing around, echoes like a bathroom, water dripping in a bath tub
10:37 Burger King is like this (F)
10:39 have any money (F)
10:40 to spend on water (F)
10:41 That’s why I was trying to drink fluid (F)
10:42 Flu from Tanya and Raf (F)
10:44 What flu? (F)
10:45 He’s all alone, living on his insurance. (F)
10:46 Did that come out of there? It hurts. (F), mistakes (F)
10:47 Come see me (M)
10:48 You think air? (F)
10:50 cost (F)10:50 oh yeah (F)
10:51 not (F)

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