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TV footage captures high-speed UFO zooming above crowd at Argentina soccer game.

UFO captured by TV cameras during Buenos Aires, Argentina soccer (football) game

Game footage video captured what appears to be three different shots of a high-speed UFO flying above a soccer (football) game in the el Nuevo Gasometro stadium in the Buenos Aires, Argentina neighborhood of Boedo. The game took place on April 1, 2014.  A television camera reportedly captured the object on film at three different times during the later minutes of the game.

Unexplained Mysteries reported:

“There are no flashing lights or other indicators that the object is a conventional aircraft and it seems to move too quickly to be a blimp or balloon. The object also appears to change direction slightly just before disappearing out of view.”

The crowd, who were distracted by the game’s final goal, appeared to not notice the object speeding overhead.

In the video below, the first occurrence of the UFO occurs very quickly in the footage towards the rear, right-hand side of the stadium. The original segment is followed by a zoomed, slow-motion replay of the high-speed bright object flying upward, into the sky.

The next occurrence begins towards the rear, left-hand side of the stadium. The brightly lit object follows the rear of the stadium before turning towards the camera and speeding above the crowd in the stands on the right-hand side of the stadium.  In my opinion, this is the most unusual segment in the footage.

The final segment shows a drone-looking object bursting from the rear stands and flying rapidly towards the camera. This object looks significantly different than the first two which, in my opinion, could hint towards a possible hoax.

Explanations for the high-speed object range from birds and bugs to skycams and drones. For now, the object remains unidentified.

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