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UFO in Port Charlotte, Florida stops traffic as stunned witnesses watch humming white orb fly overhead

Midway Boulevard in Port Charlotte, Florida

Witnesses in Port Charlotte, Florida reported seeing a large, white orb encapsulating a black-metallic UFO that proved to be such a magnificent sight, it stopped traffic on the streets. The sighting occurred at 6:34 PM on November 30, 2014, along Midway Boulevard. One witness, who said she lived near a military base and was familiar with conventional military aircraft, described the experience:

“I came to a stop behind a few cars in the middle of the road. People were looking up to the north. I heard a low humming and saw a pretty large white orb. Inside was a small pill-sized and shaped black- metallic UFO. It was changing colors, moved abruptly up and down, east and west, and then it hovered for a half a minute, and flew at an incomparable speed.”

The witness went on to explain the reaction of other motorists and how the incident affected her.

“When it shot out of sight, the cars started moving again, but during the incident a male in the car in front of me actually yelled out his window, ‘What the &$@% is that?’ I knew we were all thinking what the heck it really was. I can tell you now – I’m no longer a skeptic when it comes to UFOs.”

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