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Orb-like UFO captured in Google Maps satellite image over Zhumadian, China.

Odd orb-like UFO captured in Google Maps satellite photo over Zhumadian, China

Taken on April 11, 2013, this satellite photo, available on Google Maps, shows an odd white orb UFO flying over coordinates 32°24’8.53″N 114°33’22.93″E – over Zhumadian, China (Henan province). All of the aircraft in the photo are heading north and two are easily identifiable as military aircraft. The third craft, however, a white orb-like object in the upper left-hand side of the frame, is difficult to explain. It appears as if the military aircraft are escorting the unidentified object.  There is a major Chinese military base (in the Jinan military region) located north of where the object was photographed (and of course, Beijing is located even further north).

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