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Stunningly clear “Butterfly-UFO” caught on video and pictures flying over New Boston, Ohio

Closeup cropped view of "Butterfly-UFO" near New Boston, Ohio

Photo from parking lot of Butterfly-UFO in New Boston, OhioAlthough I cannot discount CGI hoax on this one, it does touch home for me. The only unexplained sighting I’ve personally experienced was of a craft just like this. The UFO above was filmed in southern Ohio by a father and his 17-year-old son (Tom S. and Christopher) at around 7:00 PM on Saturday, October 24, 2015. The two men had just left a restaurant near Ohio River Scenic Byway in the New Boston area (near the Ohio-Kentucky border, just west of Cincinnati) when the craft appeared overheard. They quickly grabbed their cellphones and snapped video and pictures of the object. The men say the craft made no sound as it passed over and that they viewed the UFO for about five minutes until it could no longer be seen in the distant dimming sky.

Metallic "Butterfly-UFO" near New Boston, OhioThe witnesses described the UFO as “eerily silent” and said it had rows of “windows, chambers, and glowing lights”. After they left the scene, the men reported that two “military helicopters” travelling at high speed flew overhead in the same direction as the craft (northwest).  They explained they were unable to snap pictures of the helicopters because they were flying too fast, and the men were driving in the opposite direction.

Strangely, in the video, two brief white flashes of light can be seen away from the object on either side (see pictorial gallery below). A similar butterfly-shaped metallic UFO was reported about three years earlier, on June 25, 2012, in nearby Virginia. Bursts of bright white lights were reported in the Virginia case too.

Some have theorized that the UFO was hoaxed using a remote-controlled Millennium Falcon model, but renderings of a Star Wars Millennium Falcon clearly show many differences in shape and detail. In addition, the witness provided clear video and several photographs, unusual in hoaxed cases due to the work required to create each hoaxed set. Others believe the craft is a government aircraft and noted that the direction the UFO flew would take it towards the Wright-Patterson Air Force base, which lies only about 100 miles away. Others, however, believe this to be the clearest photo of an alien UFO ever taken.

As for my personal sighting of an object identical to this one, it occurred late at night, around 3:00 AM, about two years ago in the parking lot of a strip mall. I had returned from a hospital visit and was meeting a family member to drop off one of their children. Both vehicles were parked “policeman style” so we could talk. I stepped out of the car and was standing by the driver’s side window of their vehicle when they pointed upward, behind me, and asked, “is that a bird?” I turned around and saw, just above the glow of the parking lot lights, a V-shaped craft identical to this one. It was particularly unusual because of the “ribbing” on the wings (see photos above). Admittedly, even though the one I witnessed flew at a much lower altitude, my view was not nearly as clear as the one photographed near New Boston given that the object flew above the parking lot lights making it hard for the eyes to adjust. The object, which appeared to be about 25-30 feet wide, flew slowly, and silently, travelling away from us, above the shopping-strip buildings, across a street, and over another set of buildings. We watched it fly for several hundred yards before it disappeared into the darkness.

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