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Citizens photograph mysterious ghost city floating in sky above Foshan, China.

Photo of a mysterious ghost city floating in the sky above Foshan China

Thousands of Chinese residents reported seeing a “floating city” in the skies above Foshan in the Guangdong province of China this week. Similar reports occurred in China in 2011 over Huanshan City. In both instances, the apparition shocked and terrified witnesses but only lasted for a few minutes before completely disappearing.

Weather experts believe it could be a sort of mirage, an optical illusion called Fata Morgana (named after the mythical sorceress Morgan le Fay who created images of fairy castles in the air to lure sailors to their deaths), but many researchers say the clarity of the apparition rules out cloud or humidity-related weather anomalies.

Some have speculated the illusion was a result of Project Blue Beam, a rumored top-secret NASA project that can be used to beam illusions into the sky (for instance, to start a New World Order taking advantage of panic created by simulating an alien invasion or the second coming of Christ via holograms). Others wonder if the video and pictures captured some sort of parallel universe or alternative timeline appearing briefly in our own reality.

What we can ascertain is that it was almost certainly not a hoax. Pictures poured onto the Internet and Chinese media covered the anomaly on television newscasts.

Check out photos of the event and a snippet from a newscast video below.

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1 thought on “Citizens photograph mysterious ghost city floating in sky above Foshan, China.

  1. “Ha, ha, ha, …!!!” A couple of years ago (or more), people in China seen an entire “City-scape” where there wasn’t any. It too, was photographed.

    OBVIOUSLY, the Chinese (or U.S. from space) have the ability to project 3D images (or Holograms), on a large-scale basis!!!

    ALL of these things make one wonder if there “could be” some truth the rumored “FAKE ALIEN INVASION” coming soon???

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