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Russian teen builds realistic life-sized tank out of snow

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Growing up in Russia must be a blast – this guy even has a SU-122-54 military tank in his backyard. Get a good look at it because in about 1 month, it will have melted into nothing more than rainwater. Yes, this realistic-looking tank is made from nothing more than good old-fashioned Russian snow.

Alexander Zhuikov, a student from Novosibirsk, Russia, created this highly realistic snow sculpture of a life-size tank using knives, trowels, and of course, snow. It even has an internal cabin that can be accessed through a roof hatch.

It took Zhuikov about a month to create the masterpiece which he designed using tank drawings he downloaded from the Internet. The tank was built in a cleared-out spot in his grandmother’s garden which he protected from the Sun using a makeshift shield. Everything is made from snow except the barrel, rope, and some small parts.

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