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Yuck! What’s this tiny little sea creature found in a can of tuna fish?

Yuck! What’s this tiny mysterious sea creature found in a can of tuna fish?

Zoe Butler was more than disturbed when she opened a can of tuna to find a tiny little sea creature staring back at her. According to Butler, she opened the top of the lid and noticed an ugly “purply thing” which after pushing around with a fork, “saw it looking back at me.”  Butler told reporters:

“I dropped the fork, jumped back, screamed a bit and shouted for my nanny to come and have a look.”

Nobody is quite sure what the bug-eyed creature is but suggestions include the fetus of a blowfish, a tadpole, a juvenile crab, the head of a soft-shelled turtle, and the head of a tongue-eating louse (a parasite that lives inside fish, entering through the gills and attaching itself to the unsuspecting host’s tongue).

Butler has contacted Princes, packager of the tuna product, and is awaiting a reply.

“I haven’t shown it to the kids because they might get put off eating tuna.”

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