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What’s up with all the strange metallic orbs raining down on Spain this week?

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Mysterious "black orb" discovered in spanish fieldFor the fourth time in just over a week, Spain has been bombarded by strange space debris resembling huge, burnt-silver, metallic orbs. The latest was a 45lb orb found in the village of Calasparra in Murcia, Spain. Prior to that, a long, burnt, metal-like object was found by a farmer in Elda and a metallic beehive-like ball was found in Mula. A spokesman for the police said,

“It looks like a piece from an aerospace vehicle, but not a commercial plane. It could be a piece of a satellite or something similar”.

The civil guard, clad in hazmat suits, sealed off the areas and secured the mysterious orbs until investigators arrived to examine them before taking them away. Each of the objects appears to be about three feet in diameter and built around some sort of frame.

Hoax has been suggested but it was noted that each object made a crater in the ground on impact. Many think the objects may be astral debris known as WT1190F, an unidentified piece of space debris that was expected to hit earth on November 13, 2015.

Thus far, the origin of the objects remains unknown as does why they continue to target the same small area of Spain.

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