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A woman walks out of a bar and awakens to find herself in cardboard box at a landfill.

Woman walks out of a bar and awakens to find herself in a box at a landfill

Irving, Texas police are trying to determine how a half-naked woman found in a cardboard box at a city dump found herself in such a strange predicament. Municipal landfill workers stumbled upon the woman about 9:00 AM on Saturday morning. The woman was wearing only a T-shirt and told police she had no memory of how she ended up in the box or at the dump. In fact, a missing person’s report was filed with the police mere hours before she was discovered.

According to the woman, the last thing she remembered was being out on the town, partying with a girlfriend in Dallas. The victim’s friend went to get their car, leaving the woman with a man who agreed to stay with her. When she returned, the victim was gone.

The woman was taken to an emergency room where she was examined. Police say the woman had no noticeable injures and a rape exam was inconclusive.

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