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Jaw-dropping 33-foot long Giant Anaconda snake discovered in Brazil.

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Profile view of the giant Green Anaconda found in the AmazonWorkers at the Belo Monte Dam hydroelectric dam project near the Xingu River in northern Brazil stirred up an enormous snake that’ll make you quake in your boots. The Giant Anaconda was awakened after workers set off explosives to bring down a cave. The mammoth reptile was found as they cleared the rubble. Unfortunately, the snake died from the explosion.

Workers used a construction crane to lift the beast’s body and measure it. According to witnesses, the snake weighed more than 880 lbs. with a diameter of over 3 feet, about waist-high to a normal-sized man. The length was reported to be 32.8 feet, more than seven feet longer than the previous world-record holder.

The Belo Monte Dam is being constructed on the Xingu River in the state of Pará, Brazil and would allegedly destroy a huge area of the pristine Brazilian rainforest.  Workers are being criticized for not bringing in the snake alive.

Mammoth 33-foot long Giant Anaconda snake discovered in Brazil
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