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Eerie Google Streetview photo of ghostly figure peering from the window of a legendary haunted hotel.

Ghostly figure peering from upstairs window of Stuart Hotel in Liverpool

The Stuart Hotel in Liverpool, EnglandThe Stuart Hotel in Liverpool, England has long been considered one of the most haunted pubs in the city. Stories say that in 1897, the landlord of the Stuart Hotel, 41-year-old Robinson Pemberton, heard a strange scratching noise coming from the cellar of the pub. At first, he believed the noise was nothing more than a rat but soon the noise became louder, loud enough to be heard in neighboring houses.

Three days after the incident, the pub was shaken from top to bottom with roars so loud the windows had to be left open in order to keep the glass from shattering. Then the noise stopped. Late one night a few days later, a curious patron rapped three times on the wall of the pub – and received three knocks back. Suddenly the noise began again, this time with the added sound of a distant bell ringing and continued for over a week. Reports indicate a priest from nearby St. Mary’s Church placed a Bible in the cellar and the noise was never heard again.

This week, a ghost hunter was using Google Streetview to find a “fish and chip shop” in Walton when he came across the legendary Stuart Hotel. According to the man, “Something in the top left-hand window caught my eye.” He posted the eerie screen capture on Twitter (under the name “keswickbro”) with the comment:

“I zoomed in on Google Street View and what can only be described as a weird face, or a possible ghost is staring out of the window.”

In the zoomed version, you can see a creepy-looking figure peering from the right-most window. There appears to be fog on the window as if he were breathing on it. In the window to the left, you can see a man wearing a tuxedo and dickey bow tie.

Local paranormal expert, Tom Slemen, is not surprised by the find and says the pub has been at the center of paranormal claims for a number of years.

Ghostly figure peering from upstairs window of Stuart Hotel in Liverpool
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