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Dogfight! Fighter jets chase metallic disc-shaped UFO over Bulgaria

image 119

This week, a man from Bulgaria photographed what he says were “fighter jets chasing a UFO over Nova Zagora”, a city in southeastern Bulgaria. According to the witness, there were numerous people working in the field who watched the military jets flying at “very low altitudes” in the area above the villages of Gac, Zagortci, and Han Asparuhovo” while chasing a metallic, disc-shaped object.

Witnesses who watched the dogfight, which involved two military jets, say the object performed “spectacular maneuvers” for about five minutes over the area as the jets circled around and above it. Analysis of the photos is currently underway (admittedly, the photo of the object slightly below the powerline is particularly suspect to me).

Check out more pictures in the pictorial gallery below.

  • image 119
  • image 118
  • image 117
  • image 116
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