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We may now know why Hitler harbored so much rage – not one but two forms of genital abnormality

We may now know why Hitler harbored so much rage–not one but two forms of genital abnormality

It is believed that Adolf Hitler’s private life was anything but normal and it has long been suspected that Hitler’s nighttime activities bordered on strange. One female actress claimed he invited her to his apartment for a “private performance” and in lieu of requesting a romp on the bed, Adolph Hitler in an efeminate pose with hand on hipknelt before her and asked to be kicked (a few years after her story surfaced, she “fell” from a window to her death – it was ruled a suicide). And of course, there were many rumors that Hitler was homosexual, a particularly enticing assessment given his close relationship with the homosexual head of the Nazi Party militia, Ernst Rohm. But the rumor that topped all other rumors was summarized in this popular wartime poem:

Hitler has only got one ball

The other is in the Albert Hall

His mother, the dirty b***ch,

Cut it off when he was small

imageNew research hints there may have been more to the poem than suggested.

Many photos exist of Hitler which highlight his effeminate qualities and it was widely known that he harbored great fear of even going half-naked around other people.  And despite encouraging Germans to birth more babies, he never fathered a child of his own (after his death, his private maid wrote that he was “not strongly sexed”).

Hitler’s personal doctor, Theodor Morell, hinted in medical reports that Hitler had an undescended testicle. Further evidence that something was amiss came from medical records following Hitler’s arrest in 1923 (when he attempted to seize power during the Munich Beer Hall Putsch) which recorded Hitler suffered from “right-side cryptorchidism” – an undescended testicle.  The rumor was supported further when it was found that Dr. Morell often prescribed routine hormone treatments in an attempt to “boost” Hitler’s sex drive.

Two historians have come forward offering another explanation for Hitler’s femininity. Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie have uncovered evidence that Hitler suffered from two forms of genital abnormality – the undescended testicle and a rare condition called penile hypospadias in which the urethra opens on the underside of manhood. What they left out, however, is that penile hypospadias typically leaves a man with a “micro-penis” – a “tool” so small as to be barely distinguishable.

Is there truth to this newest allegation? We may never know as pictures of Hitler’s “stuff” have never been uncovered. However, it is worth noting that although sufferers are often raised as girls, for those that retain their gender, as seen with Hitler, they typically have little facial hair (except for the small, overcompensating mustache), small stature, and low sex drive.  And as seen with Hitler, routine hormone treatments are typically used to “assist” the sufferer with the condition.

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