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Elementary school teacher decides after many years to finally release photo of UFO he sighted near Laredo, Texas

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A Texas elementary school teacher has come forward with a photo of a UFO he took around 2014. Marcelino Castillo, of San Antonio, worried about releasing the photo for fear people would “think I was crazy” but says he ultimately decided to share the stunning picture on Facebook.

Castillo says he was about 30 minutes north of Laredo, Texas when he noticed an odd, rectangular object moving slowly across the sky. He thought it was an airplane but decided to take a picture anyway to capture the beautiful sunset. Afterward, it became clear the object was not an airplane. Castillo says the sighting made him a “believer”.

“With all the technology and Photoshopping people do nowaday, I’ve been skeptical about sightings like these, but when it happens to you… bam. Suddenly it’s not so far-fetched.”

In retrospect, Castillo wished he had released the photo sooner.

“It’s an experience I don’t know if I’ll ever experience again. If you see something like that, by all means, bring it out. It surely could make a difference for somebody to be a believer.”

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