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Cowabunga! Surfer sets world record riding freakishly massive 80-foot wave in Portugal.

Surfer on massive 80 foot wave in Portugal

The Guinness World Record has been awarded to Rodrigo Koxa of the World Surf League for an 80-foot-tall wave he rode in Portugal on November 8, 2017. The run took place in Nazare, Portugal, and was captured on video. See the little spec in the picture above. That’s Koxa.

Koxa told reporters,

“I’ve tried to surf big waves all my life and I had a huge experience in 2014 where I almost died at Nazare. Four months later, I had bad dreams, I didn’t travel, I got scared but my wife helped me psychologically. Now, I’m just so happy and this is the best day of my life.”

The previous record was held by U.S. surfer Pete Cabrinha who surfed a 70-foot wave on the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii in 2014.

And for the record, the object on the far left of the photo below – it’s a curious bird that followed Koxa for most of his historic run.

Bird follows surfer on freakish massive 80 foot wave in Portugal
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