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Florida man bitten by snake that slithered from his toilet

Florida man bitten by snake that slithered from his toilet

Florida’s python problem is well-known. The state has been invaded by pythons that thrive in the state’s warm, humid environment. Pythons have been found in backyards, swimming pools, and inside cars. To make the nightmarish invasion even more terrifying, this week a ball python was found inside a toilet.

The Coral Springs Police Department reported that firefighters and the Coral Springs Humane Unit were dispatched to an apartment building on May 26 when a man called and said a ball python slithered from his toilet and bit him on the hand. The man says he noticed the snake in the toilet before he sat down. He attempted to pull the snake out but it latched onto his hand. The snake is not venomous, but its bite can be painful (and emotionally traumatizing).

The python was captured by authorities and taken to a local reptile center. Police say they are unsure how the snake got into the toilet or if it was using the apartment’s plumbing to enter the home.

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