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WTF! Missing Texas man could not be found because his dogs “entirely consumed” him.

property 1300 king cotton road venus

57-year-old Freddie Mack lived alone on his property at the 1300 block of King Cotton Road in Venus, Texas, a small rural town about 30 miles southwest of Dallas. He remained in consistent contact with the family and asked them for rides to the store about every other week. When he hadn’t been heard from for several weeks, family members went to the home to check on Freddie but were unable to get past his “aggressive” dogs. They called the local Johnson County Sheriffs for assistance.

Property 1300 King Cotton Road Venus aerial view

Deputies arrived at the home on May 9, 2019, but were also unable to get past Mack’s dogs. They estimated there were around 18 mixed-breed dogs on the property. Still, searches around the perimeter showed no sign of Freddie Mack. Since Freddie Mack had been missing since April, a missing persons status was assigned to Mack that day.

Two days later, Mack’s family members informed police that they would not be able to care for the dogs. Kind deputies began taking food and water to the animals. Meanwhile, police questioned family members, neighbors, and scoured local hospitals looking for Freddie. Investigators were brought in, and a search warrant executed to enter the trailer and barn on the property. After carefully working their way past the dogs and into the structures, Freddie Mack still could not be found.

A “seizure warrant” was issued so the dogs could be removed from the property and a more detailed search of the area could be conducted. Officials from Johnson and nearby Tarrant counties entered the property with medical examiners and began the search for Freddie. They found small fragments of bone, no larger than 2-5 inches, and pieces of hair scattered in high grass all about the property. Feces from the animals were checked and to their surprise, were found to contain hair and pieces of cloth that matched Freddie Mack’s clothing description given by the family.

On July 9, 2019, DNA results came back. The bone fragments were human and matched familial DNA. The pieces of bone were all that remained of Freddie Mack.

By this time, two of the eighteen dogs had been killed by the other dogs. Thirteen of the remaining sixteen dogs were put down “due to their aggressive behavior” and evidence that led detectives to conclude that the dogs had eaten their owner.

Sheriff Adam King of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office told reporters,

“During the course of our investigation it was found that Freddie suffered from serious medical conditions so we will never know if the dogs killed Mr. Mack or consumed him after he died from a medical condition. Either way, it is a very gruesome event.”

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