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Leaked military photo from 2018 shows cube shaped UAP over the Atlantic Ocean.

uaptf 1607458179

This UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) image has been circulating around U.S. intelligence agencies. The photo dates back to 2018 when it was distributed in an intelligence report from the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), the Department of Defense’s (DoD) official unit that investigates UAP sightings.

The photo came by way of Tim McMillan, the Popular Mechanics writer that first broke the news about the Pentagon’s continuation of a UFO task force in 2012. McMillan says the photo came from a “defense official who has been verified as being in a position to have access to the UAPTF’s intelligence reports”. McMillan says the photo’s authenticity was confirmed by three additional sources.

According to the report, a military pilot encountered the object over the Atlantic Ocean in 2018 and captured the photo using his cellphone. The object was described as “inverted” and “bell shaped” with “ridges or other protrusions along its lateral edges extending toward its base”.

GPS dropsondes, parachutes, and inflatables were ruled out. According to two defense officials, “Pilots who encountered the object described that, unlike a balloon under similar conditions, the object was completely motionless and seemingly unaffected by ambient air currents.”

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