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Texas man uses loaner BMW to rob bank, then tries to buy the BMW with the stolen money.

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A closed system is a self-sustaining loop which can function without outside influence. It uses one thing to get another thing and then uses that thing to get the original thing. Huh? Let us explain with the real-life example provided to us by 50-year-old Eric Dion Warren who borrowed a BMW from a dealer, used the BMW to rob a local bank, then returned to the dealer and tried to purchase the car with the stolen cash.

In July 2019, Warren visited a Lubbock BMW dealer to discuss the purchase of a brand new BMW. He had no money, so he improvised. He took the BMW for a test drive – and drove straight to a Lubbock bank where he handed the teller a crumpled-up fast-food restaurant bag and a note that read:

“This is a f*&(#ng robbery. Play with me and you die. I want $10,000 in $50 and $00 bills now. You got 1 minute, or I will kill you.”

Warren then briefly flashed what looked like a pistol and smiled. “I ain’t playing around.”

The teller complied and Warren left the bank in his borrowed BMW with more than $10,000 in large bills. Within 15 minutes, he was back at the BMW dealer where employees recall Warren waving around a handful of cash and beaming about the deal he was about to close. Apparently, Warren loved the car and was going to seal the deal by paying 1/3 of the cost with cash up front.

As Warren was completing the financing papers, an employee received a call from a friend who worked at a nearby bank. The friend was in a panic and described how the bank had just been robbed by a skinny black man with big ears driving a BMW. This is a picture of Eric Dion Warren.

The employee glanced across the room at Warren and quickly put two and two together. She called law enforcement who arrested Warren just as he was about to drive off in his brand new 2019 BMW. Warren was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in a federal prison.

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