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TikTok “time traveller” is at it again and this time, his predictions for 2023 have the makings of a horror movie.

0 Time traveller

The TikTok time-traveller is back with more bold predictions for the summer, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind despite some recent criticism. Eno Alaric has made some calls for the rest of 2023, and they’re nothing short of terrifying.

Despite a few recent howlers, Eno has built up a loyal following of 400,000 fans who believe in him. He recently returned to the platform from the future to address those who claim he’s fake, saying “To everyone who thinks I am fake, remember these dates.”

  • According to Eno, in April there will be a mysterious viral outbreak contained in Vevada, starting close to Area 51. It leads to people trying to get a closer look, and something weird is discovered in a hanger.
  • Things get even more intense in May, when a submarine is suddenly dragged to the bottom of the ocean.
  • Then, on May 15, 2023, California’s water shortage is overcome when a 750ft mega tsunami hits San Francisco, CA, with over 200,000 casualties.
  • Alaric’s June prediction is a bit confusing. He says that in June, a mega telescope discovers that the sun is about to explode – and a big black object becomes visible in front of it. He offered little more detail so we’ll just have to wait and see.
  • On June 12, a five-mile-deep trench opens up due to a 9.5 magnitude earthquake, releasing many species thought to be extinct.
  • And on June 18, 7 people randomly fall from the sky to their passing. Okay…
  • Finally, on December 3, 2023, a large crystal is discovered deep in the Amazon, with the power to heal all ailments and injuries. Yay! A happy ending to 2023 after all!
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