Easy recipe for healthy, high calorie Survival Food Bars

Survival food bars

Here’s a treat for survivalists, backpackers, hikers, or anyone else looking for a dense, high-calorie food source that is non-perishable, easy to transport, and healthy. These “survival bars” can be cut into 2 inch by 2 inch squares and provide approximately 600 calories, 10 grams of fat, 25 grams of protein, and 40 grams of…

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Is human waste OK to use for compost or fertilizer?

Human hands holding a plant and compost

Any farmer will tell you that when it comes to efficiently growing food, compost is “black gold”. But some fear that fertilizer or compost made from human waste could be at risk of containing heavy metals, pathogens, or pharmaceuticals causing many environmentalists to consider it unsafe for enhancing plant growth. Others however, counter that contaminants…

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How to tap a pine tree to collect pine tree sap

Tapping sap from a pine tree

Pine tree sap can be tapped and used to make paint and resin products. It makes a great water-proof sealant for buckets and tarps and can be used as an adhesive. Pine tree sap can also be used as stove fuel and it can be boiled and mixed with ash or sand and compressed to…

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How to build an elevated, raised Bog Ken shelter in the wilderness

Overview of a elevated wilderness shelter

For many reasons it is sometimes necessary or advisable to have one’s shelter raised off the ground. Especially is this true in the more tropical countries where noxious serpents and insects abound. To build a raised survival shelter in the wilderness, we must first erect an elevated platform. This is made by setting four forked…

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Water in a Survival Situation

Water droplet lying on a damask textile due to surface tension and low absorption of textile

Water is one of your most urgent needs in a survival situation. You can’t live long without it, especially in hot areas where you lose water rapidly through perspiration. Even in cold areas, you need a minimum of 2 liters of water each day to maintain efficiency.  Water helps you maintain your body temperature, lubricates…

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