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Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Multi-Tool Pocket Knife – the most functional knife on the market is perfect for outdoor survival tasks.

Swiss Army Trekker pocketknife

The Swiss Army Trekker pocketknife, formally known as the Victorinox Swiss Army One-hand Trekker Multi-tool pocketknife is one of the best everyday-carry (EDC) knives I’ve come across to date. Its optimal size and legendary Victorinox quality make it a joy to carry and its intelligent choice of tools and ingenious design make it one of the most functional knives on the market.

About Victorinox

Victorinox, makes of the legendary Swiss Army knife, are based out of Ibach, Switzerland. They are the sole supplier of the multi-purpose knives used by the Swiss Army and the biggest manufacturer of pocketknives in the world. Today the make pocketknives, cutlery, bayonets, and other cutting utensils. They stand by their products, offering lifetime guarantees against all defects in material and workmanship.

About the Swiss Army Trekker pocketknife

Perfect size for everyday carry

The Trekker measures just over 4 ½-inches long (4.4 inches) and is slightly more than a half-inch thick (.7 inch). It weighs 4.50 oz. Its size makes it large enough to comfortably hold in hand but small enough to carry in your pocket.

Optimal set of tools

Swiss Army Trekker pocketknife

The Trekker contains 11 functions (12 if you count the key ring which most marketers do). A locking 3 ½-inch by 1-inch blade, wood saw, Philips screwdriver, bottle opener, large (5 mm) flathead screwdriver/wire stripper, small (3 mm) flathead screwdriver, reamer/awl, can opener, and of course, the classic Swiss Army tweezers and toothpick.

It’s rare to find a knife with critical hardware tools (e.g. screwdrivers) and outdoor woodworking tools (blade, saw, and awl) in the same package. To me, this is an ideal choice of tools for outdoor survival (add an extra knife blade and it would be perfect).

Quality components


The Trekker blade measures just over 3 ½ inches long – just under the maximum length most manufacturers adhere to in order to stay within legal limits of all U.S. states. It uses Victorinox’s proprietary stainless steel blend. Made in Germany and France, Victorinox’s 1.4110 steel is similar to 440A steel. It is a beautiful polished stainless steel that offers unparalleled rust and corrosion resistance.

There’s an inverse relationship between a blade’s brittleness and edge retention. The better the edge retention (i.e. the harder the blade), the more brittle it will be. Victorinox’s stainless steel is proven balance between edge retention and strength.

The blade uses a Kephart/Drop point blade silhouette and offers a choice of partially serrated or non-serrated edge (which most people prefer). The serrated varieties have serrations near the tip of the blade leaving the base edge non-serrated for wire stripping, whittling, and other plain edge uses.

Its thinner profile makes it great for slicing and can hold an extremely sharp edge. The blade comes razor sharp from the factory.

The blade locks with a steel linear bar but closes to the right, unlike most knives which close to the left. In other words, to close the knife, you reach your forefinger under the blade and push from the right rather than using your thumb to push to the left in order to undo the latch.

The blade has a slight bit of blade play which some people dislike (slide blade play has never been an issue for me). Most models have a half-moon cutout to allow for easy, one-hand opening.


The Trekker’s handle is constructed from ultra-lightweight but near-indestructible polyamide scales. The handle is slightly curved with rounded finger holds. The handle surface is slightly textured and measures 111 mm long which makes it a dream to hold in hand.


The Trekker’s saw deserves special mention. The saw blade features double rows of offset teeth. It is thick, with no flex. The stability and design of the teeth allows cutting on both push and pull movements – it’s a very efficient wood cutter. As an added bonus, its 90-degree spine (the unsharpened edge on the back of the blade) makes if perfect for getting sparks off a ferro rod (although a locking saw would make it a bit easier).


The Trekker’s toolset is the perfect mix of functionalities and design. The large flathead screwdriver locks with the same steel bar as the main blade and is lockable at a 90-degree angle from the handle allowing a stable, tight grip while turning. Both the awl and the Philips screwdriver also open perpendicular to the handle making it easy to secure a tight grip while using the tools that would require the most amount of pressure.

A variety of styles and colors are available

Swiss Army Trekker pocketknife - toothpick and tweezers

The Trekker comes in various colors and patterns (e.g. black, camo, desert brown). You can also choose between serrated and non-serrated main blades.


  • Perfect size – 3 ½-inch blade is thin and light enough for easy carry but long enough for apt self-defense and outdoor work.
  • Excellent set of tool choices.
  • Curved finger holds and 111 mm slightly textured handle provide a tight, comfortable grip.
  • A saw blade and awl!
  • Awl, Philipps screwdriver, and large flathead screwdriver open perpendicular to the handle allowing a strong grip when using the tool.
  • Victorinox’s legendary steel blend.


  • Saw blade does not lock.
  • Back spring on the main blade is a little stiff.

Final word

If the house caught on fire and I had to grab just one knife on my way out, this would be the knife I would take. It’s the perfect size with the perfect toolset which makes it the best EDC pocketknife you’ll find on the market today.

Swiss Army Trekker pocketknife gallery

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