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A childhood myth has been shattered! Kid proves it is indeed possible to do a complete loop on a swingset [video].

kid does complete loop on swingset

Anyone who’s ever swung on a swingset has at one time or another, thought to themselves, “I wonder if it’s possible to do a complete loop?” A complete loop on a swing? The physics seem impossible and although nobody had ever seen it done, legend says a kid somewhere far, far way once did one. Well, we found that kid.

Check out the video below and tell us, which is more remarkable? That the kid did the loops backward or that, like it was no big deal, he reversed direction, and started doing forward loops? Or is it the guy that steps in and gives the kid pushes to, gulp, make him go even faster? Or maybe it’s the tedious looks on the faces of passersby to whom this remarkable feat is apparently nothing to get excited about (at times even the swinging kid’s face showed ho-hum boredom).

Unfortunately, the video does not capture the dismount so we can only presume the kid is still spinning today…