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Marvel leaks a first look behind the scenes of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie revealing the new Thor and Star-Lord costumes (and maybe a hint about the movie’s storyline).

Thor Love and Thunder Marvel Movie Logo

We might not know much about the movie but we now know what the costumes look like. Photos from the set of Thor: Love and Thunder (Thor 4), the Marvel movie currently in production in Australia, reveal Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Thor’s (Chris Hemworth) new costumes. Check them out below.

Thor and Star-Lord on the set of THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER

What do you think about Thor’s new jacket? You can’t help but notice is looks like Eric Masterson’s suit. For a time, Masterson appeared in Marvel comics as Thor. Masterson was given Thor’s body and powers after a life-threatening injury. Several storylines evolved including Masterson/Thor giving up his son, battling Loki and his henchmen, and joining the Avengers. He later transitioned to Thunderstrike after Odin created a new weapon, a mace, called Thunderstrike. Here’s how he was portrayed in the comic books.

Thunderstrike - Marven Comics - Thor
Thunderstrike – Marvel Comics – Thor