The Original TEDCO Magnetic Sand Timer


The TEDCO original, not a copy. Turn the timer over and watch the metal grains arrange themselves into a beautiful, spiked sculpture.

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This TEDCO Magnetic Sand Timer is a classic glass sand timer with a magnetic twist

This is the original TEDCO Magnetic Sand Timer – not a unoriginal copy of the real thing. This magnetic sand timer uses black iron filings instead of sand, and a base with a powerful rare earth magnet to produce a mesmerizing effect when the metal grains fall and “stick” to the bottom of the glass timer. Set the device on its stand and watch the ferrous metal grains arrange themselves into a beautiful, spiked sculpture. Or, as the magnetic filaments fall, you can twist and turn the timer to create a variety of unique and unusual formations.

The timer lasts approximately 40 seconds and measures approximately 5 inches tall.

Note: If the “sand” does not through to the bottom of the timer, it may have become magnetized. Just give it a good shake, and it will flowing freely again.

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Mesmerizing and fun to watch, the Magnetic Sand Timer uses the power of magnetism to sculpt iron filings into a hemisphere of craggy spikes.

How does it work? The magnet in the base has a magnetic field that attracts the iron filing. Iron is a ferrous element, meaning that it has atoms with unpaired electrons spinning in one direction. The electrons encourage nearby iron atoms to align and spin in the same direction. In this way, the more atoms working together, the stronger the magnet. Magnetic fields are weaker the farther from the magnet’s center so iron sculpts a visible representation of the field’s size and strength every time the timer is flipped.

Clean with a soft damp cloth and then wipe with a soft dry cloth.

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