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This rare octopus is transparent letting us see its brain and internal organs.

transparent wunderpus octopus head and brain

Wu Yung-sen is a photographer and blackwater diver from Taiwan. He takes a very unique type of underwater photograph that lets us see deepwater creatures we normally would never get to see.

To take the pictures, Yung-sen goes to a place in the ocean where the bottom is two-miles deep or more. At this depth, the water is so dark, it is completely black (thus the name – blackwater diving). He then lowers lights into the water and dives under the sea to a depth of about 50 meters where he waits for the sea creatures to show up.

Yung-sen says the lights draw plankton to the area. The plankton then draw larger animals – jellyfish, squid, and fish – and Yung-sen quickly snaps the picture.

Below is a gallery of stunning images taken by Yung-sen using his blackwater photography technique.

  • 1 transparent wunderpus octopus
  • blackwater clear fish
  • blackwater clear fish 2
  • transparent wunderpus octopus suckers
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