The mighty Diplodocus – a not so scary dinosaur.

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The name of this dinosaur is Diplodocus. It is a plant eater and is part of the brontosaurus family. Diplodocus means “double beam”. It belongs to a group of dinosaurs called sauropods. It grew about 30 feet tall (that’s as tall as a 3-story building). Diplodocus had to watch out for allesaurus’ because Diplodocus might…

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The dinosaur ‘chicken from hell’

chicken like dinosaur anzu wyliei

Scientists have just discovered a new dinosaur and this one is a supersized chicken-like reptile. We call it Chickzilla but the scientists with no sense of humor have named it Anzu wyliei (to give them credit, they did laughingly call it “the chicken from hell”). This bad boy has sharp claws but a pointy toothless…

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Doctor Evil’s two-headed shark discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Two-headed bull shark found in Gulf of Mexico in 2013

Researchers confirmed last week that the two-headed shark discovered in the Gulf of Mexico on April 7, 2011, was indeed a single shark with two heads and not a conjoined twin. The specimen was found by a fisherman in the uterus of a pregnant female shark near the Florida Keys. It is the first confirmed…

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