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Alligator vs. electric eel. World premiere of the shocking video that stunned the, err, alligator.

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The electric eel generates electricity that it uses to catch prey and protect itself if attacked. In the video below, a hungry South American alligator corners an electric eel on the bank of a small river. The alligator, whom we all know surely is not too bright, decides to make a meal of the electric eel. As the alligator bites down on the eel, the eel’s natural reflexes kick in, it begins its electric discharge (which it can do for about an hour), and well, see for yourself.

The electric eel, which can grow up to 7-feet in length, is able to generate up to 600 volts which is plenty to stun even a large animal like an alligator. The electric eel generates its voltage using special organs which, using a chemical reaction, act like little power generators.  It can generate its electric current for up to an hour.  

As you can see in the video, the eel’s electrical discharge affects the alligator’s muscles, causing them to contract and tighten, rendering the gator unable to release the electric eel nor flee from what must have been a very painful experience.  This is how the electric eel protects itself – it stuns anything that attacks it.  The electric eel can also release a lower voltage discharge which is uses to hunt prey (e.g. fish in the water) but apparently in this instance, the eel held nothing back.

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