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Wow! Check out NASA’s high-res video of Perseverance parachute/rocket landing on Mars.

Perseverance’s landing sequence was anything but easy. The landing involved several steps, each of which had to be executed perfectly for a safe landing – and the geeks at NASA nailed it! Here is a video breakdown of the landing.

Here are the steps it took to land Perseverance on Mars.

  1. Cruise stage separation (10 min).
  2. Enter the Mars atmosphere (0 min.)
  3. Perseverance reaches its maximum heating during entry (80 sec.)
  4. Parachute deploys (240 sec.)
  5. Heat shield separates (260 sec.)
  6. Radar locks in the landing zone (290 sec.)
  7. Backshell separates (360 sec.)
  8. Rockets fire during descent
  9. Perseverance rover separates and begins lowering to the ground via the Sky Crane.
  10. Perseverance touches the ground.
  11. The Sky Crane flies away.
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