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China rolls out the world’s longest high-speed train line – 1,428 miles at 186 mph

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China's newest high-speed train

China continues its expansion of high-speed rail lines with the introduction of the world’s longest high-speed train line.  Spanning 1,428 miles from Beijing (the capital) to Guangzhou (a popular economic hub), the train tops out at 186 mph cutting the time required to travel between the two popular cities from 20 hours (the old train line) to just 8 hours.  155 pairs of high-speed trains will run each day with more runs added on weekends and peak holiday travel days.  A ticket on the new line will cost you $138.  Tickets on the old line, which will remain running, run $69. The line also makes stops in major cities along the way, including provincial capitals Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Changsha.

According to Slashgear:

“China now has almost 5,800 miles of high-speed railway in operation. The new rail line is one of four north-south lines expected to serve as the country’s high-speed railway backbone, which also features four east-west lines. By 2015, China is planning to have around 74,000 miles of railway in operation, including 11,100 miles of high-speed railway.”

China’s high-speed rail lines have seen their share of troubles too though.  Part of a line collapsed in central China after heavy rains in March, while a bullet train crash in the summer of 2011 killed 40 people.

Sources: Slashgear
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