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Unusual optical illusions will blow your mind

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Below are a few mind-bending optical illusions that demonstrate how our minds can visually perceive an image that differs from reality. In these instances, the information gathered by your eye is processed incorrectly by your brain.  Don’t feel stupid if you are fooled – it’s only an optical illusion.

Different shades of gray?

Ask your teacher if the shades of gray on the squares below are different or the same.  If she says they are different then whoop with excitement –  you are smarter than your teacher.  They are actually the same exact shade of gray  (if she says, “Why yes, there are fifty shades of gray” then move slowly away from her desk without making any sudden movements or drawing attention to yourself).

Shades of gray optical illusion

Different sized cars?

The cars parked on the hill appear to be different sizes.  Take a piece of paper and mark each car.  All three cars are identical in size.

Different sized cars optical illusion

Do these circles appear to be swirling?

Although the picture below appears to feature dozens of swirling circles, the drawing is actually static – nothing is moving.

Optical illusion makes circles appear to be swirling

Two profiles in one

Do you see the two different profiles in this picture that was created by overlapping two photographs of the same man?

Optical illusion - two profiles of a man's face in one

Look at these beautiful women!

Yes, the three women in this picture appear to be perfectly normal.

These women appear perfectly normal when upside down

But turn the picture upside down and cover your mouth while you scream in horror.

But they don't appear quite so normal when the picture if flipped upside down

Overlapping circles?

This drawing is composed of many small black and white blocks giving the appearance of swirling, overlapping circles.

These small black and white boxes produce an optical illusion showing swirling, overlapping circles

But look closer.  They are actually four concentric circles with no overlap at all!

These small black and white boxes produce an optical illusion showing swirling, overlapping circles

Spinning woman

This one is guaranteed to cause arguments and confuse your dad.  Stare at the spinning woman below.  Which direction is she spinning?  If you said “clockwise” then give yourself a pat on the back – you are correct.  If you said “counterclockwise” then slap the friend you made the bet with – you are also right.

Spinning dancer optical illusion appears to spin both ways

Remember kids, follow this mantra: “Never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” – unless of course, the source is Geek Slop.

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