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Colossal “Windcatchers” placed in the ocean aim to blow away outdated single-turbine wind-generation designs.

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Wind Catching Systems (WCS) have introduced a spectacular new design that they say will revolutionize wind generation. Called “Windcatcher grids”, these massive wind turbine arrays look like something out of a science fiction movie – and can generate five-times as much energy as a normal wind turbine while using less space!

At about 75 stories tall, these colossal structures stand taller than most skyscrapers and consist of more than 100 smaller turbines arranged in a staggered grid-type pattern. The turbine framework is then placed atop a floating platform and moored to the ocean floor similar to the way floating oil platforms work.

Larger single-turbine wind generators must pitch their blades when the wind exceeds about 25 MPH in order to avoid damage. This means production is limited and a lot of wind power is wasted. Windcatcher grids, however, use smaller rotors that can perform much better in high winds. Scientists believe the design could provide a 500 percent boost in energy output.

WCS also says the Windcatchers will have a 50-year service life vs. 30 years for a typical single-turbine and assembly is much easier too.

For now, we’ll anxiously wait for WCS to test prototypes before beginning production installations in Europe. Check out the Wind Catching Systems website for more info.

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