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Large Hadron Collider may rewrite physics if contact with parallel universe is successful

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The staggering complex Large Hadron Collider (aka Atom smasher) in Geneva is already running at its highest level.  Thus far, it has discovered the God particle (aka Higgs boson particle) but this week, it could transform our understanding of the universe as well as open up a portal to something, or somewhere, beyond human comprehension. If the experiment is successful, an entirely new universe will be revealed.

Mir Faizal, one of the three-strong team of physicists behind the experiment, told reporters:

“Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two dimensional objects [breadth and length] can exist in a third dimension [height], parallel universes can also exist in higher dimensions. We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.”

If it sounds complicated, well, it is. Basically, scientists believe that gravity can flow *out* of our universe into an extra dimension – or dimension(s). When this occurs, a mini black hole is created. If scientists detect a mini black hole during their experiment, then they know they’ve entered a parallel dimension (and have gained important support for other ideas such as parallel universes, extra dimensions, string theory, and gravity’s rainbow).

Of course, LHC scientists must not get out much because we all know from the movies that once the door to another dimension is opened, in pour demons, goblins, and all sorts of scary monsters but hey, we’ll worry about that later.

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