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Android Key Lime Pie release date, news, and rumors

Google has done a good job of keeping details of its next Android operation system version, dubbed Key Lime Pie, under wraps but we expect information on the upcoming OS to begin leaking any day now. So far, here are the rumors that are circulating. Be forewarned – these are rumors only, and very early rumors at that. Don’t get your hopes up. When more solid details emerge, I’ll post them here.
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Google Glass competitor emerges – meet the Smart Glasses M100 headset

Vuzix has introduced a product similar to Google Glass. The Smart Glasses M100 resembles an oversize Bluetooth headset. It runs Android 4.0 ICS and includes an integrated “virtual display”eyepiece, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth connectivity, 720p HD camera, and motion sensors. Motion sensing is accomplished via a GPS, digital compass, gyroscope, and three-axis head tracker. Battery life is a bit lacking but given the small form factor, that may be the best we can hope for – for now. The M100 provides 8 hours of handsfree use, 2 hours with display turned on, and only 1 hour with display and camera turned on.
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CyanogenMod’s domain hijacked by former rogue team member – being held hostage for $10,000

One of the biggest players in the Android development arena has just found that their domain name,, is being held hostage for $10,000. Before CyanogenMod became the big name they are today, the domain name was purchased and donated to the organization. CyanogenMod discovered that the person had been impersonating either Steve Kondik, the creator of CyanogenMod, and/or the CyangenMod team, and using their name to solicit referral dues without the teams’ knowledge. After finding that the “domain owner” was soliciting funds in their name, CyanogenMod asked that control of the domain name be turned over to them. The domain owner declined but said he would turn over the domain (and associated email accounts) for $10,000 (we assume in small, unmarked bills), an amount that Cyanogen cannot and will not pay.
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Android based network and penetration analysis tool for rooted devices – dSploit

Owners of rooted Android based devices have a new network and penetration analysis tool that they can carry with them while on the road. dSploit is a comprehensive toolset that can perform a number of advanced network analysis and pentests. dSploit allows you to analyze, capture, and manipulate network packets. You can scan networks for connected devices like other smartphones, laptops, & identify the operating system, running services and open ports on each device. Once open ports are known, you can go further by checking open ports for vulnerabilities.
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5 Japanese Android mobile application developers arrested for embedding personal information-stealing malware in Android applications

Japanese police arrested five Android mobile application developers for creating and embedding information stealing code in mobile applications that they distributed through the Android Market Place (Play Store). It is believed that more than 10 million “pieces of information” were stolen. The developers created a video-related application which included code to silently obtain and send personal information from the user’s phone to the hackers’ servers. The app was released for free and had been downloaded more than 270,000 times from the Android Play Store. The free app(s) included the phrase “The Movie” appended to the name of existing popular game titles. Police do not believe that the stolen information had been used by the malware developers and are not sure of the hackers' motives.
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Motorola updates list of devices that will not receive Android Jelly Bean upgrade

Motorola updated their list of devices that will not receive Jelly Bean upgrades. The list below shows devices that will not be upgraded to Jelly Bean. What is interesting is that the Droid Bionic and Droid 4 will be upgraded to Jelly Bean (projected to be upgraded (but no projected date given). The Droid RAZR, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX HD are projected to be upgraded during Q4 2012.
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FBI issues warning to users – Loozfon and FinFisher malware attacking Android operating systems

The IC3 (the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center) has been made aware of various malware attacking Android operating systems for mobile devices. Some of the latest known versions of this type of malware are Loozfon and FinFisher. Loozfon is an information-stealing piece of malware. Criminals use different variants to lure the victims. One version is a work-at-home opportunity that promises a profitable payday just for sending out email.
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Android 4.2 likely to feature a 2nd pull down panel that will include quick access to common settings

Android Police have their hands on a full Android 4.2 JellyBeanMR1 release and they noticed that Systemui.apk (contains the notification bar) has a placeholder image as a second pull-down menu. For instance, you pull down the notification panel once to view notifications and pull it down a second time to view a quick settings area where settings such as bluetooth, wifi, GPS, etc. can be toggled on and off.
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Hmmm… Google withdraws patent complaint against Apple with no reason given

Reuters has reported that Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility has dropped a complaint of patent infringement against Apple without explanation. Google said in its filing “there are no agreements between Motorola and Apple, written or oral, express or implied, concerning the subject matter of this investigation”. It has been reported that that the two companies were in settlement talks though.
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New comScore figures show Samsung retaining top position with Apple gaining some ground

The latest comScore figures show Samsung still at the top of the smartphone market share ratings with a 25.7% share of the market although the change from the prior 3-month period was flat. LG remains second with a 19.1% market share and Apple comes in 3rd with 19.1%, an increase of 2.1% from May 2012. It is interesting to note that Apple showed the biggest gain in market share even though the figures closed before the iPhone 5 was released.

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