Historic UFO audio archive recovered and released to public. Check them out here!

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Calling her collection “Faded Discs”, Wendy Connors spent much of her life collecting and archiving historic UFO-related audio clips. The audio clips she collected and compiled included recordings of historic UFO related events, audio from Air Force UFO investigation projects, and comments from researchers, astronauts, actors, presidents, along with first-hand accounts from key witnesses to…

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Ontario Sasquatch group captures eerie sasquatch vocalizations

Sasquatch Ontario has released an audio recording that they captured as part of their “Michigan Recording Project”. The recordings consist of screams, whoops, grunts, huffs, hisses, jabbering, very low guttural growling sounds, and on occasion extremely quiet “rumbling”. There are also several incidents of loud branch breaking and tree knocking that occur during the vocalizations.

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EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena

Séances, Mediums, Ouija boards – is it possible to talk to the dead? Can the dead communicate with us? Many paranormal researchers believe it is possible using a method known as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

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