What is the “Boogaloo” movement? Should we be concerned? US National Counter-terrorism Center provides a detailed analysis.

Boogaloo participants wearing Balaclavas and Hawaiian shirts

I found most of this in a US National Counter-Terrorism Center report. Pretty interesting analysis of the Boogaloo movement. Boogaloo Introduction In recent weeks, the term “Boogaloo” has gone more mainstream after months of growing popularity in online anti-government communities. Since the nationwide backlash against COVID-19 lockdowns and the beginning of Black Lives Matter (BLM)…

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Is a violent uprising about to occur in America? How Boogaloo’s push for a second Civil War is hitting the mainstream.

Boogaloo gathering in Virginia

It’s called “Boogaloo”, the call for a violent American uprising, targeting liberal politicians, elite business owners, law enforcement, and Trump detractors. It began on fringe Internet sites and underground dark web forums and is now strongly surging in the mainstream. According to a study released last week by the Network Contagion Research Institute, the movement already…

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