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Is a violent uprising about to occur in America? How Boogaloo’s push for a second Civil War is hitting the mainstream.

Boogaloo gathering in Virginia

It’s called “Boogaloo”, the radical call for a violent American uprising, akin to a second Civil War, targeting liberal politicians, elite business owners, law enforcement, and Trump detractors. It began on fringe Internet sites and underground dark web forums and is now strongly surging in the mainstream on website groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, 4chan, and more. According to a study released last week by the Network Contagion Research Institute, the movement already encompasses tens of thousands of members and is growing daily.

Boogaloo Boys logo

Authorities are taking the threat seriously. The NCRI report is being widely distributed among law enforcement and intelligence communities who have issued public warnings regarding “domestic terrorism” and “illicit activities of fringe groups”. But the Boogaloo groups aren’t always easy to find or prosecute.

Boogaloo groups are careful to avoid language that would incite hate or violence in order to remain under the radar. Coded words, vague language, and harmless-looking memes are used to get their point across without alarming authorities. The NCRI report noted:

“Like a virus hiding from the immune system, the use of [vague] language permits the network to organize violence secretly behind a mirage of inside jokes and plausible deniability.”

For example, a recent post on a Boogaloo discussion board contained a picture of a popular insecticide ad from Amazon with this innocuous-sounding verbiage:

“Tons of uses and a real bum will use them all.”

This was followed by a warning:

“Please note that this is incredibly concentrated solution, if you put it on your skin, you will experience massive headaches, nausea, convulsions, and eventually death.”

The intent is clear – the insecticide can be used as a cheap but effective chemical attack.

Boogaloo groups operate under innocent-sounding banners such as “Electric Boogaloo 2” and “Boogaloo Boys”. They promote Boogaloo events as harmless-looking activities such as camping trips or outdoor education. They frequently discuss topics such as survival tactics, prepping, and military training as well as political propaganda denouncing socialism, corrupt police, gun control, and race relations. Potential targets that have been openly discussed and debated include sniping at polling places, raids on federal prisons, theft from National Guard bases, attacks against antifa at protests, and strikes against a variety of government buildings. Popular dates for attacks include July 4 and other American holidays.

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