100 Books you must read before you die

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It’s well understood that reading improves your focus and concentration and expands your imagination but reading also broadens your understanding of the world in general. To that end, here are 100 books that every person should read before they die.

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Wool book review – how self-published book made Howey a rich man

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Wool, written by U.S. writer Hugh Howey, was self published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing system (it can be purchased from Barnes and Noble too). The series, which can be purchased as a single omnibus edition, consists of six novellas – Wool, Proper Gauge, Casting Off, The Unraveling, The Stranded, and First Shift. Wool tells…

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Amazon introduces cool new gear including 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD tablet

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Lot’s of new gear introduced by Amazon today.  Amazon held an invite-only event in an airplane hanger in Santa Monica, California.  Guests were treated to several product announcements, some of which could be game changers.  They again stressed the tablet as a service device and not a gadget (which means Amazon makes their profits off…

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